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 A few of my humble snapshots taken in November 2003, before Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike hit our area. Oh yes, and of course before the man-made disaster the oil companies created.
I’ve provided  a link to an interactive map of the location the photo was taken. Be sure to zoom them so you can see just how much water there is in South East Louisiana. They don’t call it the “wetlands” for nothing. I hope you enjoy playing around with the maps.
This is one of the canals cut into to land by the oil & gas companies. Click here for a map of the area. I was at the red dot. Zoom out to get an idea of just how much water is in this area. Note: The unatural looking waterways are factors in Louisiana’s land loss problem


Endless Beauty Along The Gran Bois Road
Endless beauty along the Gran Bois Road – November 2003.

Click photo to view larger image.


This one I took on a lazy Sunday morning drive along Hwy 24. I stopped at the fruit stand in Presque and was struck but the boats reflection in the calm Bayou.  Click here for a map of the area

Shrimp Boat
Shrimp Boat – November 2003.

Click photo to view larger image.


I love the slices of life these old photos bring back. Never  was the canal so green or the water so calm …. Ahhh I cherish the memories.

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