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Eaglemanz Communiqué’s: Cobell Settlement: A knife in our backs.

“Real justice for these Indians may still lie in the distant future; it may never come at all. This reality makes a statement about our society and our form of government that we should be unwilling to let stand.” Judge Royce Lamberth

Those prophetic words by Lamberth became a reality on June 20 when the federal court in Washington, DC approved the Cobell settlement.

There is much ado how this was a major victory as in a David and Goliath scenario. However, one only needs to read in between the fine print to know this was a serious setback.
I had already suspected it was a foregone conclusion when the settlement was first announced and Obama signed off on it. This was an easy out for the government; they secured the victory, not us. Go To Ben’s Blog To Read Full Story

Excerpt from Ben Carnes’ Blog – Eaglemanz Communiqué’s
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