I just wanted to share a few photos of my Bayou Country world. All photos taken before Hurricanes Katrina, Rita,Gustav and Ike (yes they all hit where I live). This beautiful place is just not the same and never will be again.

The disappearing marshes and the devastating effect of the oil spill means drastic changes for many. It meant serious changes for me.

Long Horns Grazing

Long Horns Grazing in the Oil and Gas Fields

Green Beauty

Lazy days on the Bayou

Sunset at Port Fourchon Beach

Sunset at Port Fourchon Beach before Rita destroyed it and Ike finished the job. Back then you coul drive nest to the water and camp under the stars. I miss those days



Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Drew Wheelan ~ ABA Conservation Coordinator

Drew Wheelan
ABA Conservation Coordinator

American Birding Association

This Gulf Coast Oil Spill blog is managed by the American Birding Association.

Than You Henry

He saw it, in my eyes. The sadness, no one ever saw it before. I waited so long and not one person, not one doctor ever saw the sadness. I guess if even one person understood the depth of pain, then I was lucky.

Thank You Henry


Richie Havens Woodstock – Excellent

His Woodstock appearance proved to be a major turning point in Richie’s career. As the festival’s first performer, he held the crowd spellbound for nearly three hours, called back for encore after encore. Having run out of tunes, he improvised a song based on the old spiritual “Motherless Child” that became “Freedom”, a song now considered to be the anthem of a generation. The subsequent movie release helped Richie reach a worldwide audience of millions.

source wikipedia:   Richie Havens

I haven’t had a chance to really feeel my way around yet. Give me a little time to fidget with all the buttons and gadgets. Meanwhile here is a nice picture of my grandchild reading “CAT IN THE HAT”!

My they grow soooo fast this was 2 years ago!

My they grow soooo fast this was 2 years ago!